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Volunteer Spotlight


We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.

- Winston Churchill


We appreciate the time and efforts of the nearly 1,500 Skidmore College volunteers, and look forward to highlighting their contributions on the Volunteer Spotlight page. In the profile below, we celebrate the work of:

  Amanda Seres

Amanda Seres ’14

Social Work
Why do you volunteer for Skidmore and what got you interested?

I volunteer for Skidmore because I had a really great college experience and want to help more students have the same opportunity. I felt so lucky to be able to attend Skidmore, and to have access to the professors, colleagues, programs, internships, and organizations that I did. It helped shape my life, both personally and professionally. I give back so that others can share in those opportunities.

Provide a brief overview of your career as a volunteer at Skidmore; what are the highlights and of what are you most proud?

I began as a Skidmore volunteer when I was still a student, co-chairing the Senior Gift Committee. It was so rewarding to help shape the future of Skidmore while I was still involved on campus, and it was just great fun to think of new and novel ways to help other students see the value in giving back. Getting to speak at graduation on the stage of SPAC wasn’t a bad perk, either!

What advice would you give to another alum who is considering a volunteer role at Skidmore?

I believe that every alumnus and alumna should try his or her hand at volunteering! We all have careers and families that keep us busy, but it doesn’t take that much time to help out. Pull up your last few emails from Skidmore and email anyone from your class whose name is listed as a volunteer—they’ll be thrilled that you’re interested, and can put you in touch with those at Skidmore who can find opportunities that fit your schedule and interests. You’ll be glad you did!

What have you learned about Skidmore that you might not have known if you weren’t a volunteer?

I’ve learned that there is an exceptionally dedicated group of people who have dedicated their careers to raising funds and supporting programs at Skidmore. Because they work behind the scenes, most students and alumni never meet them, but the college employees who work with donors and volunteers are helping to ensure that Skidmore will be even better when we visit next than it was when we left.



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