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Alumni Association Spirit Song Contest

Members of the Skidmore’s Alumni Association Board of Directors are pleased to announce a spirit song competition in conjunction with the College’s Office of Alumni Relations and College Events.  The purpose of the competition is to provide an opportunity for current students, alumni, and/or teams of current students and alumni, to display group spirit, demonstrate artistic creativity, and relate to the College’s motto, Creative Thought Matters.



Competition Guidelines

  1. The competition is open to current students and alumni.
  2. Participants may work in groups. There is no limit on the number of entries per individual or group.
  3. Music files should be submitted as .mp3 or .wav files with the accompanying lyrics. Submissions must be made via email to, or be dropped off in person at Skidmore’s Colton Alumni Welcome Center, located directly across from the main entrance to campus on North Broadway.
  4. The song should be an up-tempo anthem designed to excite which will be used at sporting events, concerts, celebrations and assemblies. It should not be specific to a single sport or affinity and it should be able to endure/stand over time. Lyrics should be creative, but not offensive.
  5. Entries should be between 1-2 minutes long (approximately 32 measures).
  6. The following websites may provide useful inspiration and/or reference:,, and


Competition Timeline

  • May-June 30, 2016: Songs will be submitted by current students and/or alumni only.
  • June 30-July 15, 2016: Each submission will be reviewed by three randomly selected members of the selection committee and evaluated on the criterion outlined below:
    • Should have a “chorus” or other repeating refrain or line that is catchy; something easy for students to remember that will stay with them. 
  • July 15-31, 2016: All entrants will be informed of the status of their submissions following this evaluation period.
    • Submissions that meet the criteria according to committee members will move forward to be reviewed and voted on by the full committee.
    • Entrants whose submissions do not meet the criteria will receive an expression of gratitude for their participation and a reminder about the Sing-off.
    • Should have a "chorus" or other repeating refrain or line that should be catchy - easy for students to remember and stay with them 
    • Theme should be appropriate for singing at ceremonies,  to encourage Skidmore athletic teams, and for other venues 
    • Should be relevant to the Skidmore campus and community but also able to stand over time 
    • Lyrics should be creative but not offensive 
  • August 1-15, 2016: Each remaining submission will be reviewed by the members of the committee independently.  Each committee member will choose five songs to submit to the finals.
  • August 15, 2016: The committee will meet to discuss their votes and decide on the top three to perform at the Sing-off to be held on campus on Saturday, October 1, 2016 in conjunction with the College’s Homecoming Weekend.  All finalists will be informed of the status of their submissions.
    • If an individual is unavailable to participate in the Sing-off, an on-campus performer will be identified to perform the submission.
    • Finalists whose submissions are not moving forward to the Sing-off will be thanked and receive a token gift for their participation and a reminder about the Sing-off.
  • October 1, 2016 Sing-off: the winner will be chosen based on number of votes.


The Prize

Participants with the winning submission will receive a Skidmore/Saratoga Weekend, including:

  • accommodations in Northwoods Village,
  • dinner with President Glotzbach (based on availability/scheduling),
  • use of a box at Saratoga Race Course,
  • and a certificate for spa treatments at the Roosevelt Baths.

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